C.M. Jones, Inc. – Hardscaping

C.M. Jones, Inc. is a landscape design company that has been serving clients in the greater Philadelphia area for more than twenty years. The company has consistently evolved over the years to better meet the needs of its clients.

They offer comprehensive landscape maintenance, including spring and fall cleanup, mulching, mulch and compost blowing, lawn mowing, and tree and shrub treatment programs. The also offer soil testing, lime and gypsum applications, turf renovation and aeration, and holiday décor.

Other services related to the landscape include organic gardening, fences, and hardscaping. Many homeowners are initially puzzled by the term hardscaping, since it is less than self-explanatory. The professional hardscaping by C.M. Jones, Inc includes paving and masonry services. The term itself refers to the hard or permanent areas of an outdoor space, and include such materials as concrete, flagstone, pea gravel, rocks and pebbles, and wood. Hardscaped areas include walkways, patios and decks, verandas, gazebos, trellises, walls, custom brickwork, and even fountains – and that’s to name just a few. The professionals at C.M. Jones, Inc. can install a walkway around swimming pools, build walls between sections of a yard, or replace pavers.

C.M. Jones, Inc. works on commercial and residential landscaping projects. The company prides itself on the ability to enhance the natural beauty and health of a property through hardscaping and other services, such as tree pruning and seasonal things like flower displays. With their many years of experience, their knowledgeable staff is committed to putting quality and customer service first.

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