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C.M. Jones, Inc. is a professional landscape design and construction company based in Exton, Pennsylvania. With more than twenty years in business, the company provides landscaping design, hardscaping, water features, mulch sales, property maintenance, tree and shrub pruning, and much more.

Everyone can appreciate a well-manicured yard, with neatly trimmed grass and flowerbeds in bloom. It takes a lot of effort to keep a yard maintained, and while the services of a professional company like C.M. Jones, Inc. is always an option, there are a lot of do-it-yourselfers out there who like nothing better than weeding the garden or revving up the lawnmower on a summer day, and sprucing up their yards.

C.M. Jones, Inc

C.M. Jones, Inc

There is a growing national trend on water conservation, a part of which goes to reducing lawn sizes and the amount of water that lawns require. One of the most immediate and pragmatic ways to achieve this is by adding ground cover, flower beds, or replacing natural grass with patio space or artificial grass. This is a way of getting the best of both worlds: effectively cutting down on yard size and its water demand, while at the same time enjoying just as much square footage as you always have.

One of the things that many homeowners are opting for is bringing in native plants. Plants that are accustomed to the local soil conditions and climate are going to do much better than non-native plants because they are already acclimated, and thus more likely to survive without an abundance of water and fertilizer. Many landscaping professionals are recommending perennial shrubs and flowers so that homeowners will have year-round flower beds that don’t need to be re-planted each spring.

You can also reduce the size of a yard by planting a vegetable garden. A vegetable garden is still going to require plenty of water, though. But it’s easy to do, and is also cost-effective. By planting a vegetable garden, or what some people refer to as an edible garden, you in effect become part of the growing local food movement, consisting of people who want to know where their food comes from.

For those who don’t have the necessary green thumb, and still want to cut down on the size of their lawns, another option is designing an outdoor room. This is the creation of an open-air living space equipped with water-resistant furniture, fire pits, and lounging areas. A fountain, pond, or man-made brook can add just the right finishing touch to an outdoor living space.

C.M. Jones, Inc. offers a wide range of services and an exceptional staff.

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